Keeper of the world’s biggest “little black book” to reveal stories from the biz in new tell-all ebook

Contact: Dalyn A. Miller
Dalyn Miller Public Relations

[October 23, 2008, BOSTON, MA]Kristin Davis, the Manhattan Madam, has penned a deal with Massachusetts-based book packager Hollan Publishing to write a tell-all book chronicling her three years as the proprietor of Manhattan’s most successful ring of escort services.  The book THE REAL SEX IN THE CITY: TRUE TALES OF THE MANHATTAN MADAM will be published in ebook format in January 2009.  The book will be downloadable in .epub, .prc and .pdf formats and available online at www.ManhattanMadam.com.  
Davis captured national attention in early 2008 when numerous high-end escort services were shuttered in the wake of the scandal surrounding New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s resignation. Davis was arrested under allegations that she promoted prostitution and spent four months in Rikers Island, she was held on $2 million bail.   In October 2008 she changed her plea from not guilty to guilty in exchange for time served, probation and a forfeiture of assets. She is believed to have accumulated the largest “little black book” in the industry with more than 10,000 clients and run similar operations in Boston, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Her book will include:

  • The intimate details of Kristin’s rise to fame and fortune in the sex industry and her subsequent downfall
  • The naughty exploits of powerful politicians, Wall Street bigwigs and Hollywood celebrities
  • Insider information on the ultra-modern 21st century marketing tools Davis used to manage the multi-million dollar operations of the world’s oldest profession

 The book is priced at $14.99 and pre-orders are available online now at www.ManhattanMadam.com.  Customers who pre-order the book will receive 15% off the cover price and weekly updates directly from Davis, including several of her journal entries from prison.

In conjunction with the announcement of her book deal, Davis’ has released her first official press statement.  That statement can be found online now at www.ManhattanMadam.com.




Press Inquiries:
Dalyn A. Miller, Dalyn Miller Public Relations, 617-504-6869 (mobile), dalyn@dalynmillerpr.com





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