Ravenous Romance™ Around the Globe

We’re always very proud to be able to book a feature for one of our clients with a major news outlet, so you can imagine how happy we and the Ravenous Romance team were last Wednesday when we snagged a nice feature in Sunday’s London Times.  Little did we know that once the story hit the wires it would be picked up by news outlets in all four corners of the planet!  So the upside:  great press!  The downside: they got a few details wrong and unfortunately most of the details have been spread far and wide. 

Below are links to some of the stories.  Before that however, a few of the facts our friend at the Times got wrong – corrected:

  • John Updike is not backing Ravenous Romance in any way, he wrote a quote about author Catherine Hiller which they have used for her book cover
  • Ravenous Romance is not offering 500 word direct to phone stories.  They are offering full-length novels (50,000 words) and short stories (5,000 words), both of which can be downloaded and read on an iPhone, Blackberry or any other smartphone as well as directly on the computer
  • Holly Schmidt finds the books and stories very much to her taste.  In fact she loves the content Ravenous Romance offers to readers.  She also did marry her high-school sweetheart and remains very happily married to him to this day.

And now the links:


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