3 of Our Cookbooks in John Mariani’s Holiday Round-Up

We’re always so thrilled when our books make it into the year-end round-ups. It’s great PR for the books and the authors who work so hard on them as well as very helpful for sales as we head into the holiday gift-giving season.

John Mariani is one of the country’s greatest culinary authorities and writes for The New York Times, Esquire Magazine and many others. His annual holiday round-up comes just after Thanksgiving each year and appears first on his Virtual Gourmet Newsletter.

Our projects have appeared in the round-up before, but this year marks a first for us as not just one, but three of our cookbook projects were chosen.  “The Hot & Hot Fish Club Cookbook“, “Classic Lebanese Cuisine“, and “Why Italians Love to Talk About Food” all made the cut this year and we couldn’t be happier.

To read what he has to say about each, just click the following link:  Virtual Gourmet Newsletter


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