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Dalyn Miller Public Relations, LLC is a Boston- and Chicago-based, full-service lifestyle public relations and communications group. We offer a blend of PR, marketing, and branding expertise to clients in the non-fiction publishing, arts, culinary, retail, wellness, and technology practice areas and bring more than 12 years of experience to the table. Through creative positioning, solid media relationships, and tailor-made campaigns we work with clients to develop their ideas, build their brands, refine message points, and make an impact in the marketplace that meets their goals and objectives.

3 of Our Cookbooks in John Mariani’s Holiday Round-Up

We’re always so thrilled when our books make it into the year-end round-ups. It’s great PR for the books and the authors who work so hard on them as well as very helpful for sales as we head into the holiday gift-giving season.

John Mariani is one of the country’s greatest culinary authorities and writes for The New York Times, Esquire Magazine and many others. His annual holiday round-up comes just after Thanksgiving each year and appears first on his Virtual Gourmet Newsletter.

Our projects have appeared in the round-up before, but this year marks a first for us as not just one, but three of our cookbook projects were chosen.  “The Hot & Hot Fish Club Cookbook“, “Classic Lebanese Cuisine“, and “Why Italians Love to Talk About Food” all made the cut this year and we couldn’t be happier.

To read what he has to say about each, just click the following link:  Virtual Gourmet Newsletter


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Manhattan Madam on The Joy Behar Show

Some clients continue to make news week after week, year after year.  Luckily our spiciest client yet, Kristin Davis, the Manhattan Madam, is just one of those clients.  As for us, we’re happy to take a break from the cookbook and lifestyle PR for a bit and dip back into the scandal PR.  If we haven’t said it before:  our jobs are never boring!

Watch Kristin Davis tonight on The Joy Behar Show on CNN Headline News at 9pm ET & again at 12am ET.  She’ll be talking about HER favorite past client Elliott Spitzer and his upcoming lecture at Harvard University’s Ethics Center.

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“Why Italians Love to Talk About Food” in the New York Times

We are pleased to represent the translation of Elena Kostioukovitch’s culinary travel guide through Italy, “Why Italians Love to Talk About Food”…even more pleased that it made it into this year’s New York Times’ Holiday Gift Guide…

NY Times:  Cookbooks as Edible Adventures


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Dropped the Blog Ball, but we’re back in high gear!

As we’ve rushed through a luckily very busy and productive spring, summer and fall we’ve dropped the ball on our own news!  Tsk, tsk, tsk…seems we’re often so focused on promoting others that we forget to promote ourselves.  Hence…many, many months since our last blog post.

So, without further ado…our first post in awhile.  Check back often…we’re going to keep this blog as up to date as possible with all that’s fit to print about us, our clients and the PR & Marketing/publishing/lifestyle industries.

In the meantime, please consider following us on Twitter @DalynMillerPR or joining our Facebook Fan Page: Dalyn Miller Public Relations.SP0201.JPG

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Ravenous Romance™ Around the Globe

We’re always very proud to be able to book a feature for one of our clients with a major news outlet, so you can imagine how happy we and the Ravenous Romance team were last Wednesday when we snagged a nice feature in Sunday’s London Times.  Little did we know that once the story hit the wires it would be picked up by news outlets in all four corners of the planet!  So the upside:  great press!  The downside: they got a few details wrong and unfortunately most of the details have been spread far and wide. 

Below are links to some of the stories.  Before that however, a few of the facts our friend at the Times got wrong – corrected:

  • John Updike is not backing Ravenous Romance in any way, he wrote a quote about author Catherine Hiller which they have used for her book cover
  • Ravenous Romance is not offering 500 word direct to phone stories.  They are offering full-length novels (50,000 words) and short stories (5,000 words), both of which can be downloaded and read on an iPhone, Blackberry or any other smartphone as well as directly on the computer
  • Holly Schmidt finds the books and stories very much to her taste.  In fact she loves the content Ravenous Romance offers to readers.  She also did marry her high-school sweetheart and remains very happily married to him to this day.

And now the links:

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Ravenous Romance™ Goes Live

Digital romance publisher launches with a wide range of top-quality, multi-format content at low prices at

[Boston, MA, December 1, 2008] Ravenous Romance™ has launched online at <> with content from both bestselling and award-winning authors and emerging talents. Products are available in both ebook and audiobook format in 12 different categories, including both modern and historical fiction, suspense, paranormal, gay/lesbian/bisexual, and new age, among others. 

An imprint of Literary Partners Group, Inc., Ravenous Romance™ offers readers engaging and colorful stories with strong plots and character development, but peppered with steamy love scenes.
Our goal is to be a destination site for romance readers,” said co-founder Allan Penn.  “Like other epublishers, we offer a host of downloadable books, but we also reach beyond the items for sale with things like our free daily horoscopes and our pre-launch TwittErotica contest, which drew entries from all over the world.  In the coming weeks, users will find author blogs, contests and more as we continue to grow and develop the site. The months ahead will be full of additions and we’re excited to roll them out to readers.
Penn pointed out several key areas in which the company differs from competitors:

  • They are the only epublisher to offer content in audiobook format.
  • They will release a new novel-length book a day.
  • They will also release a daily “Ravenous Rendezvous” short story, a new one of which, will go online at 12 p.m. every day (and will adjust for the reader’s local time zone).
  • Low prices:  $.99 for short stories, $4.99 for full-length eBooks, and $12.99 for audiobooks
  • To date, they’ve signed more than 125 best-selling, award-winning, and emerging writers to more than 140 books, including John Updike’s protégée Catherine Hiller (Updike has provided a quote for her cover), best-selling horror writer John Skipp (writing as Gina McQueen), Rachel Kramer Bussel, and Cecilia Tan.   

In order to ensure the most accessible cross-platform range of compatibility, ebooks and short stories are available in a choice of .pdf, .prc and .epub formats, which allows them to be read on the Amazon Kindle, the Sony Reader, the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Treo, or any type of smart phone or PDA.  They can also be opened on the reader’s desktop or laptop computer.  Audiobooks download in .mp3 format and can be listened to on an MP3 player, smartphone with MP3 capability, Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, or computer.

Romance is the most popular genre in modern literature, generating $1.37 billion in net sales annually and accounting for 26.4% of all books sold. Demographically, 56% of romance readers are under age 44, and 74% have college degrees.  Overall, these women are computer-literate and comfortable with new technologies.  They are also voracious consumers, having read an average of nine romance novels each in 2006.  Digital content offers a way for women to keep their reading interests discreet, portable, and affordable.
NOTE: The site has launched with two weeks worth of content in order to offer a wide selection to readers during the very early days of operation.  New content will be added daily beginning December 14, 2008.

For more information please contact Dalyn A. Miller at 617-504-6869 or via email at

Visit Ravenous Romance™ online at <> .

About Literary Partners Group, Inc. and Ravenous Romance™

Literary Partners Group, Inc. is a partnership among three creative industry executives. Holly Schmidt is a publishing executive with 15 years of experience in editorial, marketing, and sales.  She joined forces with award-winning photographer Allan Penn to launch book packager Hollan Publishing, Inc. in 2006.  Lori Perkins is a New York City literary agent with over 20 years of experience and an impressive stable of authors.

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Keeper of the world’s biggest “little black book” to reveal stories from the biz in new tell-all ebook

Contact: Dalyn A. Miller
Dalyn Miller Public Relations

[October 23, 2008, BOSTON, MA]Kristin Davis, the Manhattan Madam, has penned a deal with Massachusetts-based book packager Hollan Publishing to write a tell-all book chronicling her three years as the proprietor of Manhattan’s most successful ring of escort services.  The book THE REAL SEX IN THE CITY: TRUE TALES OF THE MANHATTAN MADAM will be published in ebook format in January 2009.  The book will be downloadable in .epub, .prc and .pdf formats and available online at  
Davis captured national attention in early 2008 when numerous high-end escort services were shuttered in the wake of the scandal surrounding New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s resignation. Davis was arrested under allegations that she promoted prostitution and spent four months in Rikers Island, she was held on $2 million bail.   In October 2008 she changed her plea from not guilty to guilty in exchange for time served, probation and a forfeiture of assets. She is believed to have accumulated the largest “little black book” in the industry with more than 10,000 clients and run similar operations in Boston, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Her book will include:

  • The intimate details of Kristin’s rise to fame and fortune in the sex industry and her subsequent downfall
  • The naughty exploits of powerful politicians, Wall Street bigwigs and Hollywood celebrities
  • Insider information on the ultra-modern 21st century marketing tools Davis used to manage the multi-million dollar operations of the world’s oldest profession

 The book is priced at $14.99 and pre-orders are available online now at  Customers who pre-order the book will receive 15% off the cover price and weekly updates directly from Davis, including several of her journal entries from prison.

In conjunction with the announcement of her book deal, Davis’ has released her first official press statement.  That statement can be found online now at




Press Inquiries:
Dalyn A. Miller, Dalyn Miller Public Relations, 617-504-6869 (mobile),




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