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3 of Our Cookbooks in John Mariani’s Holiday Round-Up

We’re always so thrilled when our books make it into the year-end round-ups. It’s great PR for the books and the authors who work so hard on them as well as very helpful for sales as we head into the holiday gift-giving season.

John Mariani is one of the country’s greatest culinary authorities and writes for The New York Times, Esquire Magazine and many others. His annual holiday round-up comes just after Thanksgiving each year and appears first on his Virtual Gourmet Newsletter.

Our projects have appeared in the round-up before, but this year marks a first for us as not just one, but three of our cookbook projects were chosen.  “The Hot & Hot Fish Club Cookbook“, “Classic Lebanese Cuisine“, and “Why Italians Love to Talk About Food” all made the cut this year and we couldn’t be happier.

To read what he has to say about each, just click the following link:  Virtual Gourmet Newsletter


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Manhattan Madam on The Joy Behar Show

Some clients continue to make news week after week, year after year.  Luckily our spiciest client yet, Kristin Davis, the Manhattan Madam, is just one of those clients.  As for us, we’re happy to take a break from the cookbook and lifestyle PR for a bit and dip back into the scandal PR.  If we haven’t said it before:  our jobs are never boring!

Watch Kristin Davis tonight on The Joy Behar Show on CNN Headline News at 9pm ET & again at 12am ET.  She’ll be talking about HER favorite past client Elliott Spitzer and his upcoming lecture at Harvard University’s Ethics Center.

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“Why Italians Love to Talk About Food” in the New York Times

We are pleased to represent the translation of Elena Kostioukovitch’s culinary travel guide through Italy, “Why Italians Love to Talk About Food”…even more pleased that it made it into this year’s New York Times’ Holiday Gift Guide…

NY Times:  Cookbooks as Edible Adventures


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Keeper of the world’s biggest “little black book” to reveal stories from the biz in new tell-all ebook

Contact: Dalyn A. Miller
Dalyn Miller Public Relations

[October 23, 2008, BOSTON, MA]Kristin Davis, the Manhattan Madam, has penned a deal with Massachusetts-based book packager Hollan Publishing to write a tell-all book chronicling her three years as the proprietor of Manhattan’s most successful ring of escort services.  The book THE REAL SEX IN THE CITY: TRUE TALES OF THE MANHATTAN MADAM will be published in ebook format in January 2009.  The book will be downloadable in .epub, .prc and .pdf formats and available online at  
Davis captured national attention in early 2008 when numerous high-end escort services were shuttered in the wake of the scandal surrounding New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s resignation. Davis was arrested under allegations that she promoted prostitution and spent four months in Rikers Island, she was held on $2 million bail.   In October 2008 she changed her plea from not guilty to guilty in exchange for time served, probation and a forfeiture of assets. She is believed to have accumulated the largest “little black book” in the industry with more than 10,000 clients and run similar operations in Boston, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Her book will include:

  • The intimate details of Kristin’s rise to fame and fortune in the sex industry and her subsequent downfall
  • The naughty exploits of powerful politicians, Wall Street bigwigs and Hollywood celebrities
  • Insider information on the ultra-modern 21st century marketing tools Davis used to manage the multi-million dollar operations of the world’s oldest profession

 The book is priced at $14.99 and pre-orders are available online now at  Customers who pre-order the book will receive 15% off the cover price and weekly updates directly from Davis, including several of her journal entries from prison.

In conjunction with the announcement of her book deal, Davis’ has released her first official press statement.  That statement can be found online now at




Press Inquiries:
Dalyn A. Miller, Dalyn Miller Public Relations, 617-504-6869 (mobile),




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Dalyn Miller Public Relations named Agency of Record for Kristin Davis

Boston-based agency tapped by “Manhattan Madam”

[October 21, 2008, BOSTON, MA]Kristin Davis, New York’s Manhattan Madam, has retained Dalyn Miller Public Relations as her agency of record. DMPR will provide Davis with public relations and communications services and consulting.
Davis captured national attention in early 2008 when her trio of high-end escort services were shuttered in the wake of the scandal surrounding New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s resignation. Davis was arrested under allegations that she promoted prostitution and spent four months in Rikers Island on $2 million bail.   In October 2008 she changed her plea from not guilty to guilty in exchange for time served, probation and a forfeiture of assets.  She is believed to have accumulated the largest “little black book” in the industry.
DMPR will manage Davis’ continued press exposure surrounding her legal case, the message points on her website, <> , and the communications surrounding several upcoming projects, all of which are still under wraps.
Press Inquiries:

Kirsten Amann, Dalyn Miller Public Relations, 617-733-2791 (mobile),
Dalyn A. Miller, Dalyn Miller Public Relations, 617-504-6869 (mobile),

About Dalyn Miller Public Relations

Dalyn Miller Public Relations is a lifestyle public relations and communications group offering a blend of PR, marketing, and branding expertise. Founded in 2004 by Dalyn A. Miller, the company has managed a wide range of campaigns in the publishing, lifestyle, arts, culinary, wellness, and technology categories. Online at

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Rock the Vote and Join Forces


[Boston, MA, September 17, 2008] – The Boston-based team behind VOTEAPPAREL.COM has formed a joint partnership with ROCK THE VOTE, an initiative designed to get young people out to vote this election season. The two organizations have designed a co-branded t-shirt based on a globally recognized pop-art image and incorporating both organizations’ logos. Shirts are priced $20.08 each and can be seen and purchased online at you can also learn more about the partnership at


“Voting is the cornerstone of representative democracy, yet we’re living in a time when more people vote for American Idol finalists than they do for the President,” said co-founder David Friedman. “A partnership with Rock the Vote allows us to reach that pop-culture community and inspire young Americans to take pride in casting a ballot this November.”


The co-branded shirt, screened onto flattering American Apparel T-shirts, is the first design departure from the company’s signature and was done specially for this partnership with Rock The Vote. Vote Apparel’s original shirts are offered in the colors associated with the major political parties. The Rock The Vote shirts are offered in black and white. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each shirt will be donated back to Rock The Vote.


Vote Apparel offers Americans the opportunity to literally “wear their vote”. The company offers T-shirts and tank tops in colors that represent every shade in the political spectrum: blue for Democrats, red for Republicans, white for Independents, and Green for supporters of the Green Party. With every shirt purchased, a vote is tallied on the website, and the winning party will receive a donation from Vote Apparel.


Rock the Vote’s mission is to engage and build the political power of young people in order to achieve progressive change in our country. Founded nearly twenty years ago in response to a wave of attacks on freedom of speech and artistic expression, Rock the Vote quickly established itself as the premier organization representing the intersection of young people, politics, and popular culture. Artists who have worked with Rock the Vote to engage young people in the political process include Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Sheryl Crow, Seal, and the Black Eyed Peas, just to name a few.


Shirts are made in the USA and cost $20.08 each, with special discounted rates available for bulk orders. Shirts can be purchased by visiting or


For more information, to discuss giveaways and promotions, or to schedule an interview with Vote Apparel co-creator David Friedman or Rock the Vote Deputy Director of Communications Chrissy Faessen, contact Dalyn A. Miller at 617-504-6869 or via email at

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Our Fall 2008 Culinary Clients

We’re happy to announce our Fall 2008 culinary clients! As always we have a fair mix of cookbooks, chefs, products and websites. We are executing each of these campaigns in conjunction with The Lisa Ekus Group.  You can visit them online at  Information on how to request press materials is at the bottom of the post. is a recently launched ecommerce site designed to be a one-stop resource for unique delicacies from across the country. Dozens of foods are offered, all raised, caught or produced by local artisans, farmers, fishermen, ranchers, beekeepers, and other small specialty food companies. Behind each unique product is a merchant with a story.


Julie Biuso began her career at the Cordon Bleu School of Cookery in London and later became Principal of the franchised Cordon Bleu Cookery School in New Zealand. She went on to open her own cooking school, La Dolce Vita, but eventually shifted gears to pursue her writing career. A frequent guest on New Zealand news and talk shows, she is a well-recognized cooking personality in her home country and abroad. She is the author of 13 books, many of which have won international awards. In 2007 Gourmand awarded her a Special Prize of the Jury to mark her achievements in her career. Visit her online at


We live in an advanced age of smart phones and at your fingertips information, but for many, when we step into the kitchen we crave good, wholesome food that hearkens back to simpler times. New from the publishers of America’s most trusted reference, THE OLD FARMER’S ALMANAC EVERYDAY COOKBOOK (Yankee Publishing, Hardcover trade original /$24.95; August 2008) is a perfect resource for the recipes we were raised on and the foods we crave. THE OLD FARMER’S ALMANAC EVERYDAY COOKBOOK is a veritable cook’s bible of home-style fare, conveniently updated for today’s healthful tastes and busy times. Packed with 400 delicious dishes this book is designed to satisfy hearty appetites year-round with wholesome, good-eating snacks, casual meals, and special occasion dinners.


Who doesn’t relish the creamy delight of cheesecake? Yet many have yet to discover the ease of making one at home. THE CHEESECAKE BIBLE (Robert Rose, October 2008, $24.95) by acclaimed baking instructor George Geary shows readers that cheesecake is both easy and fun to make at home, and includes 200 delectable cheesecake recipes to get started. THE CHEESECAKE BIBLE includes recipes for every kind of traditional cake a baker could desire: fruit, vanilla, chocolate, citrus, and nut cakes. The book also features recipes for innovative savory treats and no-bake delights for days when it’s too hot to turn on the oven. With its extensive baking tips and techniques and outstanding color photographs, THE CHEESECAKE BIBLE is destined to become the one-stop guide to everything cheesecake


What’s better than a fresh summer pie brimming with ripe fruit, or a steaming chicken potpie on a cold winter night? Pie is a dish for all seasons. Baking a homemade pie from scratch is surprisingly easy with Julie Hasson’s guidance and expert know-how. THE COMPLETE BOOK OF PIES (Robert Rose, October 2008, $24.95) offers readers mouthwatering recipes for 200 delicious pies, from savory to sweet. Author Julie Hasson explains the entire pie baking process in comprehensive yet easy-to-follow detail. Armed with hundreds of recipes for fruit, cream and savory pies, and with dozens of tips and time saving shortcuts, pie making becomes a breeze.


Sabor – or flavor, in Spanish – is a concept that encompasses so much more than just food. You can cookwith sabor, speak with sabor, and dance with sabor, and in Cuba, sabor is both a state of mind and a way of life. ¡Sabor! (Running Press, November 2008, $29.95) the aptly titled latest cookbook from Ana Quincoces Rodriguez offers a mouthwatering look at the food and flavors that make Cuba’s culinary heritage famous. After just a few moments of paging through ¡Sabor! cooks of all levels will hear the kitchen calling. Spicy, hot, and delectable, ¡Sabor! provides an intimate look at the cuisine of Cuba, a culture that embraces food with the same enthusiasm it has for life.


The offerings in your grocer’s freezer case or the fast-food drive-through are rarely nutritious or satisfying. But fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice flavor or nutrition just because life is hectic. Paulette Mitchell provides the solution; her speedy meals are simple enough that even a novice can prepare them for the family on a busy weeknight. She also makes it possible to create sophisticated gourmet dishes to please the palates of discriminating guests – all in 15 minutes or less. Anyone can use fresh, flavorful ingredients and Mitchell’s THE COMPLETE 15-MINUTE GOURMET COOKBOOK (Thomas Nelson, October 2008, $24.95) is guaranteed to achieve remarkable and beautiful results with minimal effort. The 350 recipes in Mitchell’s new book feature poultry, seafood, and beef and pork, as well as a chapter with vegetarian dishes. The recipes, representing many cuisines, are inspired by Mitchell’s world travels.

For more information, to request press materials, or to schedule an interview please contact Kirsten Amann at 617-733-2791 or via email

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